Sensory technology,
open to imagination

We believe that technology can be sensitive, emotional and truly bonding while enhancing your child’s natural development.

Our mission

We want to help children to grow as independant happy beings while helping parents to build better relationships with them.

Matas CEO and co-founder of Vai Kai
Our co-founder Justyna thinking hard about design.

Design thinking for intuitive, connected toys

Once upon a time, back in 2014 we had a great idea. What if kids could play with mobile technology so naturally like it was their favorite wooden toy? So we started the design process with the kids in mind, not with the possibilities of what we can produce.

When the first kids held our very first prototype in their hands, we held our breath.. with oxygen back in our brains we realized that it really worked! So we started Vai Kai: focusing on designing play that is intuitive and sensory, that helps to express emotions and brings people closer together.

Our community wizard Katleen having fun with young girls and their Avakai

Child development, open-ended play & embracing technology

The world is full of screens, blinking and beeping, there is no way around it. Not even for your kids as they grow up in the connected world of today. We love technology and think kids should embrace it in the early stage of their development so we want to give children a good head start with it, but in a way they explore the future, using all their senses. Kids need to have the opportunity to express themselves and evolve their imagination.

Experts, educators, development specialists and researchers are our close companions when it comes to designing play experiences that matter. But the real experts for us are kids.

Calling all families – join our playdates

We should stop talking about play and simply do it.
Therefore, we invite you to an exciting real life adventure with Avakai twins and Vai Kai play wizards. We bring games, crafts and of course our Avakai twins. You only need to bring your kids, your camera and loads of energy!

Playdates are organized all over the world.
Let us know where you want us to go next and we will make it happen.

Traditional craftsmanship with the standards of the 21st century

As soon as you hold an Avakai in your hands you will immediately recognize how much love we put into making them. We work together with local manufacturers throughout Europe that have known their craft for generations. It´s a combination of talented handcraft and super precise technology.

Of course we think of our planet when producing. Thats why we only use wood that comes from sustainably managed forests within the EU to also give future generations woods to play in, fresh air and innovative toys.

What parents and kids say

Less screentime,
more play

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